Kieran Gaya

Supervisor: Kathleen James-Chakraborty

School: Art History and Cultural Policy

Islamabad: What's in a name?  Analysis of the visual rhetoric used in the design of Islamabad as a new capital city for Pakistan.

My research involves primary and secondary sources connected to the decision to design and build a modern capital for Pakistan, 20 years after independence from Britain and partition from India. I am using various forms of interpretive analysis, which will take into consideration the urban plans, architectural details of style and structure, as well as political imagery. A hermeneutical approach will be used to confirm the architectural discourse and to explain the prototypical language being applied in Islamabad.  Was Islamabad meant to be clearly an Islamic city or more so an inherently modern capital, a showcase of the secular rather than religious values of the Pakistani government under Ayub Khan as its president?