Susan Curley Meyer

School: Art History and Cultural Policy

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Emily Mark-Fitzgerald

Funding: UCD advance PhD fellowship 2019-2023

The Visual and Material Culture of Dublin Street Trading in the Long Nineteenth Century (1870-1916)

My research undertakes an art historical study of street trading in Dublin by adopting a layered visual economic approach, investigating both the makeshift economies employed by women in the city as a means of survival and the range of visual media used to represent them. While this study primarily considers Dublin within a specific time frame (1870-1916), it does so from a broader geographical, economic, cultural and social perspective. London, Liverpool and Edinburgh are some of the considered areas which will be used to investigate street trading frameworks; offering not just an illustration of historical accounts, but proposing another historiography through the exploration of women, trade, distribution and the materiality of the image. Complexities which surround documenting social, cultural, ethical and historical responses to an image are also considered within this research, contributing to a multi–faceted study which addresses an increasing academic awareness around the importance of non-textual documentary sources when researching the nineteenth century in Ireland.