Culture, Society and Change

Humanities Institute research objectives are directly aligned with UCD’s strategic plan to 2014: Forming Global Minds. The area of Global Ireland has been prioritised as one of the university’s four major research themes. The selection of these themes has highlighted the need to strengthen both human and physical infrastructure to enable UCD to achieve further capacity in these priority areas. The Institute's conceptual focus on the histories and cultures of Ireland and its European neighbours leverages existing expertise within the UCD College of Arts and Celtic Studies.

The Institute's overarching theme of ‘Culture, Society and Change’ seeks in particular to contribute to Global Ireland’s concern to increase knowledge and understanding of social and cultural transformations in Ireland through the ages in a comparative European context. This central theme consists of four research strands:

Culture, Identity, Expression

  • Autobiographical Expressions
  • Digital Humanities and Digital Culture
    • Digital Humanities
    • Irish Blogosphere and Identity
    • Irish Feminist Network: Facebook Activism
    • Changing Empathies: Social Networks and the Novel
  • Cultural Memory
    • Material and Visual Culture
    • Memory Studies Network
    • Intercultural Memory
    • Print, Script and Orality in Early Modern Europe

Space and Place

  • Space and Place (Arts & Celtic Studies Research Cluster)
  • Outlook on Asia
    • Ireland and Taiwan in Comparative Perspectives
    • Asia and the First World War
  • Humanities and the Environment

Understanding the Past

Gender, Sexuality and Culture

  • Centre for Gender, Culture and Identities
  • Identity and Performance
    • Drama, Culture and Identity
    • Performance, Culture and Identity
  • Language, Mind and Society