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Dr Paul Gillespie new Deputy Director of IBIS

The UCD Institute for British Irish Studies (IBIS) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Paul Gillespie to the role of Deputy Director of IBIS. Working with the IBIS Director, Professor Ben Tonra and the Institute’s Director of Research, Professor Jennifer Todd, Dr Gillespie will be developing UCD’s research on British-Irish relations, ... more information.


28th John Whyte memorial lecture

IBIS co-sponsorship with SPIRe: Dr Katy Hayward (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast) will speak on the topic 'The Good Friday Agreement in the shadow and light of Brexit'. 30th November 2017 at 6pm, Theatre NT1, Newman Building, University College Dublin. More information


News & Events

IBIS launch new project: Constitutional Futures after Brexit

This new project addresses possible political and constitutional change in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the EU and their inter-connections. It thus encompasses a broader field of relationships than Brexit alone, thinking through and beyond that event and its processes to examine their wider and longer term constitutional, governmental and political implications. Working with key partners on these islands and elsewhere in Europe, the project will use innovative social science methods and theories to analyse these possible alternative futures, combining specific pieces of research within its broader research programme. It proposes extensive engagement with academics, political actors, public servants, media and citizens to develop and analyse plausible scenarios of potential change. More information






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