About IBIS

The Institute for British-Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary resource, established in 1999 and based in the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin.

The Institute provides a platform for academics, politicians, public servants, NGOs, civil society groups and citizens to share perspectives on a range of aspects of the evolving British-Irish relationship. It operates an active research and outreach programme, to stimulate debate and advance understanding of this relationship (including Northern Irish, North-south, East-west, European and international dimensions). We work closely with the Geary Institute and partners in Northern Ireland an


  • to promote and conduct academic research on relations between the two major traditions on the island of Ireland, and between Ireland and Great Britain, from an inter-disciplinary social science perspective.
  • to place our research in a broader comparative European and international context
  • to promote and encourage collaboration with academic bodies and with individual researchers elsewhere who share these interests or with convergent interests
  • to promote contact with policy makers and stakeholders outside the university sector, and to ensure a free flow of ideas between the academic and the non-academic worlds so as better to inform public policy making and contribute to substantive public debates.