Irish Historical Texts

See a number of collections, including the CELT project at UCC. For background, see Cork Multtext Project in Irish History. The documents indicated below are uneven in their coverage of different political perspectives, reflecting the pattern of availability of texts in appropriate format

Republic of Ireland

For a large collection of constitutional and legal documents, see the Irish statute book 1922-98, produced by the Attorney General's Office (includes all acts and statutory instruments)

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) is a joint project of the Royal Irish Academy and the Irish Department for Foreign Affairs, consisting of document transcriptions that chart the evolution of Irish foreign policy from the sitting of the first Dail in 1919

Northern Ireland

See Government reports and acts of parliament prepared by CAIN for full text of or extracts from key documents.

The Northern Ireland Office has published a summary of developments, 1972-86; see also the key documents page on the DFA website for a list of documents relating to Anglo-Irish relations and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Anglo-Irish relations


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