About the Irish-Chinese Cultural Society

    The Irish-Chinese Cultural Society (ICCS) was founded in May 1975.
Its Constitution states at the outset:

"1. The sole aim of the Society shall be to promote and foster mutual understanding between the Irish and the Chinese peoples and, in particular, to encourage and develop a knowledge of each other's culture.
 2. The Society shall have no political affiliation."

    In order to fullfil its aim, a meeting is organised each month, from September to May, usually consisting of a talk on a topic of Chinese interest, given by an authoritative speaker. During the past year we had talks on "Ancient and Modern Chinese Art in Paris", by Deborah Wilson and Ann Wickham-McDonald; "The Amazing Yongle Emperor", by Dr. Brian O Neill; "Unbound Feet:the changing status of Chinese women c.1890-1950" by Professor Isabella Jackson; and "China's New Nationalism" by Professors Jerusha Mc Cormack and John Blair as well as outings to the Hong Ling Exhibition in the Chester Beatty Library and the Chinese Boudoir at Carton House.

Information about events, times and places for the current session can be found on our Programme page.

    Each Chinese New Year, we organise a dinner for members and guests in a Chinese restaurant. Our other social occasions include the annual barbecue, usually held in early September, and enjoyed by Chinese students and scholars in Dublin.

    We have organised, or helped with, various special events over the years, including an exhibition of Chinese paintings, the visit of the Terracotta Warriors, an exhibition of Chinese paper cuts, visits to the Chester Beatty Library and to the Chinese collection in the Botanic Gardens, and the exhibitions: "China: a Cultural Celebration", and "China - Land of Beauty" to coincide with anniversaries of the People's Republic.
In 2004, the Society sponsored the visit to Dublin of Professor Jin Di, the renowned translator into Chinese of Joyce's "Ulysses" while, more recently, in February 2016 we hosted a group of Chinese calligraphers for a private viewing of Chinese manuscripts held in this country.

    There are currently about 50 members in the Society. Prominent members include Dr. Katherine Chan Mullen and Professor Sun Dawen. The former Chief Justice and President of Ireland, the late Cearbhall Ó'Dálaigh, was Éarlamh (i.e. Patron) of the Society.

Presidents of the ICCS to date:

1975-1978 Mrs Antonia Healy
1979-1981 Prof. Tao Kiang
1982-1984 Mr. Justice Dermot Kinlen
1985-1987 Patrick Brennan
1988-1990 Peter Costello
1991-1993 Dr. Katherine Chan Mullen
1994-1996 Prof. John O'Donnell
1997-1999 Dr. Fergus Gaines
2000-2002 Dr. Da-Wen Sun
2003-2005 Prof. David Judge
2006-2008 Norman O'Galligan
2009-2011 John Ryan
2012-2014 Denis Mullen
2015-2017 Deborah Wilson
2018-2020 Yanyi Blake

    The Society has hosted delegations from Youxie (the Chinese Peoples' Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries) ) in 1980, 1983, 1986, 1991, 2001 and 2006, and has sent delegations to China as guests of Youxie in 1980, 1982, 1983, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2002, 2007 and at periodic intervals ever since, with the latest visit by the Society's President, Deborah Wilson, and Vice-President, Yanyi Blake, taking place in April 2017.
    This visit made significant progress in setting up a twinning arrangement between Irish and Chinese Primary schools.

    Membership of the ICCS is divided into five categories: Member, Student Member, Honorary Member, Life Member and Patron Member.
Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in China. To join the Society, simply fill in the application form, which contains information about the current subscription rates, and send it to the Honorary Treasurer.

       (Note: the application form is a Microsoft Word document. If it does not open properly for you, click HERE to download Microsoft Word Viewer, which will enable you to view and print the form correctly.)

    For further information, please contact the Society at

    Tel : (01) Tel: 2887616, or 086 8117258; Email:  irishchineseculturalsociety@hotmail.com