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We met a delegation from Youxie in the Chester Beatty on Wednesday 29th November. Mr. Hao Zhongwei, Director General of European and Asian Department, CPAFFC (Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), and Ms. Wang Fan, Staff of European and Asian Department, CPAFFC, were in Dublin to attend the United Cities and Local Governments Summit which was held over 3 days in the Dublin Royal Convention Centre. The Summit emphasised that culture is an integral part of sustainable cities, and promoted the sharing of experiences and innovations from cities across the world. The symbol for the #UCLGCultureSummit is the word for ‘Culture’ written in the ancient pre-medieval language of Ogham.

We took our visitors around the Chinese Collection where they were interested to see the Emperor's Yellow Dragon Robe, which was created from fur-lined yellow silk, and dates from the era of the Qing court(1820 -1850).
We had tea/coffee in the Silk Road Cafe and discussed the fact that Youxie will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary next year. I got to use the word 'huanying', which has featured on the front page of the ICCS web site for many years! Subsequently, a member of the embassy staff came to collect our guests for a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador.

We are back in the United Arts Club! A wonderful evening of Chinese culinary education and enjoyment brought to us by Shurong and Yanyi ( Wednesday 26th April 2023).

Updates on future plans will follow in the coming weeks.

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