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Infection Biology Thematic PhD

UCD PhD Positions in Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms underlying Inflammatory Processes

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms underlying Inflammatory Processes

Seven PhD studentships are available at University College Dublin under the “Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms underlying Inflammatory Processes” (MolCellBiol) PhD programme, funded under the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI).

Inflammation is a key process in the development of a wide range of human diseases. To address the need for innovative research into the study of inflammation, this programme contains the research strands of Infection Biology, Vascular Biology and Diabetes, Neuroscience, and Protein Science. UCD has a critical mass of outstanding researchers in these areas, providing students with a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary environment to train in.

This 4 year PhD programme will start in September 2011. Students will receive a stipend of €16,000 and funding to support their research, skills training, and travel. All students enrolling in this programme will also undertake a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the UCD-TCD Innovation Academy, providing a unique transferable skill set.

For more information and an application for see:  

Projects available within this programme are:

  • Dr. Jana Haase, Dr. Evelyn Murphy, and Prof. David Brayden, “Understanding molecular mechanisms underlying depression in chronic inflammatory diseases”
  • Prof Therese Kinsella and Prof Johan Ericsson, “Understanding the role of prostacyclin and cholesterol in heart disease; Influence of gender-specific hormones in the inflammatory process”
  • Prof Ulla Knaus and Prof Jez Simpson, “Dynamics of Targeting Oxidases to Epithelial Barriers in Mucosal Immunity”
  • Prof Paul McLoughlin and Prof Padraic Fallon (TCD), “Mechanisms of hypoxia induced inflammation in the lung: the role of gremlin”
  • Dr Keith Murphy and Dr David O’Connell, “Exploring the role of cytokines in memory-associated synaptic plasticity in health and disease”


To apply for these positions send a single PDF file to  with

  •  A completed application form (download at )
  •  A 1-page personal statement indicating why you are interested in the programme
  •  A Curriculum Vitae
  •  TOEFL or IELTS report (if applicable)


Deadline for applications is 18:00 (local time) Friday 29th April 2011.