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Student Health Service

The Student Health Service provides on-campus medical, counselling and psychiatric care to registered students of the university. All consultations are treated in strict confidence. There is a charge for the medical and psychiatric service while the counselling service is free. For further information including emergency services details see the UCD Student Health Service website.

Health Services in Ireland 

EU Nationals

Students from EU Member States in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to public health services in Ireland. The EHIC card is available from the health authorities in your home country. For further information and information on your entitlements to healthcare while in Ireland, please see the European Health Insurance Card website.

Non-EU Nationals

Because of the regulations of the Irish Naturalisation Immigration Service (INIS) Non-EU students must obtain private health insurance (please see Health Insurers in Ireland below). UCD does not arrange health insurance for students. 

For information on the Irish public health care system see HSE (Health Service Executive).

Health Insurance

Non-EU students must obtain private health insurance. You can purchase insurance in your home country, however you will need to ensure that it is valid in Ireland and in any other countries you plan to travel to. There are different levels of private health insurance available. Students are advised to read their policy documents carefully. INIS require that, if you have health insurance from your own country it must cover you for a minimum of €25,000 for in-hospital treatment, and cover any period of hospitalisation in an Irish hospital.

Basic medical expenses insurance is available for approximately €120 from ODON Insurance Brokers, and for approximately €100 from Halligan Insurances. These insurance policies will satisfy the visa requirement for private health insurance and can be obtained before students arrive in Ireland. For more information please visit the ODON website and the Halligan website.

More comprehensive plans are available from one of the three main private health insurance companies in Ireland: VHI, AVIVA or Laya Healthcare. Please note that in order to apply for a policy from one of these companies you will need to provide an address in Ireland and for AVIVA’s service you need to have a PPS number.  Also note that medical cover does not normally begin immediately with VHI or AVIVA. There is usually a ‘waiting period’ of twenty-six weeks. You should discuss this with the individual companies while conducting your research.

Student Advisers

The Student Advisers provide support for all students throughout their time at UCD. Each programme has a dedicated Student Adviser who is your gateway to additonal support services. Additionally, there are Student Advisewrs designated to specific groups of students such as mature and International Students. The International Student Adviser is is also available for immigration queries. If you are experiencing any difficulties the Student Advisers will give you the time and space to talk things through. 

Colum Cronin is the International Student Adviser and can be reached by emailing or phoning 01 716 8406

For details see the UCD Student Advisers website. Useful Links

Student Financial Difficulties

Students can experience financial problems during their time in UCD for various reasons.  Many students (and their parents) find it difficult to make ends meet due to on-going low income and/or other financial commitments. Similarly, financial worries may be the result of unforeseen events like a family bereavement, accident, or illness. For others there is the added consideration of child care costs which significantly impacts on their finances while studying.  UCD may be able to provide financial support to you during this difficult time. Please visit the Student Advisors website for further information on the Student Welfare and Childcare Assistance Funds.


The university chaplains act as student advisers as well as providing chaplaincy services. They are available to students in times of distress, illness and bereavement. Mass is celebrated daily (Monday to Friday) at lunchtime and in the evening on Saturdays. A contemplative area is located in St. Stephens Chaplaincy. The main chaplains’ office is situated at G002 in the Newman Building. Sacred Space is a website where you can take time out to pray at your computer. Further information can be found on the Chaplains website.

Prayer Room

Dedicated prayer rooms for Muslim students are located in Woodview House on the Belfield campus and E123 in the Smurfit School, Blackrock.

Student Counselling Service

Offers a free and confidential service staffed by professionally qualified psychologists and counsellors. Provides support for students when personal issues arise which affect their happiness, well-being, capacity to cope, relationships or learning. Full details are available on UCD Student Counselling Service website. 

Dental Treatment

Dental treatment is relatively expensive in Ireland and students are advised to have a check-up before they leave home. The Student Health Service does not provide dental treatment. However, if dental treatment is required, they can provide the name of a local dentist.


This is a voluntary student-run telephone listening and information service for students. Volunteers, male and female, are students of UCD, TCD, RSCI and NCAD.  Callers can talk about any problems they may have. Freephone 1800 793 793 or see the Niteline website.

Please Talk

This is a student-based suicide prevention initiative which was begun in UCD and is now in 27 colleges throughout Ireland. The objective of Please Talk is to make sure students in need reach out for the help and care that is at hand – ‘talking is a sign of strength.’ The Please Talk website highlights the supports available to students in their colleges.

Dignity and Respect Policy

UCD is committed to the promotion of an environment for work and study which upholds the dignity and respect of the individual and which supports every individual’s right to study and/or work in an environment which is free of any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying. For full details on the policy please see the UCD Dignity and Respect Policy Statement. Should you experience any problems in relation to any form of harassment, please talk to the International Student Adviser-