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Pre-Departure Information

When you have received confirmation from UCD International that you are being nominated to apply to a partner university you then need to apply directly to your host university.

You should check your host university’s website regularly and pay close attention to application instructions and deadlines.

Practical Information

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Attend a Pre-Departure Briefing

You must attend a compulsory pre-departure briefing.  Erasmus students attend a general pre-departure briefing in late March.  Non-EU exchange students attend a briefing session for the country or region to which they are applying.

You will receive an email from UCD International advising you of the date and location of your briefing session.

Complete Your Host University’s Application Form

You must complete your host university’s application by the deadline. Please see the Erasmus or exchange website of your host university for application instructions and deadlines.

If you are nominated to an Erasmus or Universitas 21 university, you will be automatically accepted by the host university once you complete their application by the deadline. Enrolment to courses depends on both capacity and your having the appropriate pre-requisites. If you are nominated to any other university, the university will notify you of the outcome of your application.  

Erasmus Students must submit the following documentation to UCD International before going on exchange:

  • The ‌ is a UCD requirement.  Please read the Declaration carefully and sign it.
  • The Erasmus Financial Agreement‌ is a requirement of the HEA, which administers the Erasmus programme in Ireland. This agreement will be emailed to all students in advance of going in an exchange.
  • If you do not return these to UCD International, your grant will not be paid.
  • If you are travelling to Germany on a DAAD or Erlangen scholarship, you are not eligible for an Erasmus grant.

Non-EU exchange students must submit a Study Abroad Declaration. You will receive this at your pre-departure briefing.


You are responsible for applying for your own accommodation while on exchange.

Accommodation options vary from university to university, with some having no on-campus accommodation and others guaranteeing on-campus accommodation for all students who apply on time.  Check the exchanges and accommodation sections of your host university website for information on how to apply and pay attention to deadlines.


University College Dublin is a partner of, the international student-to-student housing platform. Before leaving Dublin for your study abroad, exchange, Erasmus or internship program you can safely rent out your room to an incoming exchange student. In this way you can avoid paying double rent and ensure that you have your room available at your return. Housing Anywhere is free of charge by using your student e-mail address. Before renting out a room via the platform, make sure you have informed your landlord. Housing Anywhere has over 125+ partner universities worldwide. You can easily find and book your room in more than 500 cities in the world. 

Course Registration

While on exchange you are required to take and pass an agreed minimum of courses.  The courses and the amount of credits you take on exchange must be approved by the relevant academic co-ordinator in UCD.  The course registration process varies from university to university. Make sure that you check your host university’s website for information about this and adhere to all deadlines

Health and Travel Insurance

You must ensure that you have valid travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay in your host country.
If you are going on an Erasmus exchange, you should apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

Most non-EU exchange partner universities offer their own health insurance.  Some universities require that you purchase their health insurance.  Before purchasing health insurance you should check the requirements on your host university’s website.

Visa Application

If you are going on exchange outside of Europe, you will need to apply for a student visa in your host country.  You are advised to apply for your visa as soon as you receive the relevant documentation from your host university. 

Further information on the student visa application process for your host country is available here:

Registration with UCD

You are required to register with UCD as well as being a registered student at your host university. This means you need to pay your student contribution fee and student centre levy to UCD as normal.  You do not pay any registration or tuition fees to your host university.

All official correspondence from UCD is sent to your UCD Connect e-mail address. Please check it regularly.