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While on Exchange

1. After Arrival

  • Visit your host institution’s International Office for information regarding orientation, registration and events for international students. 
  • Erasmus students:

      • Complete and return your Arrival Certificate to UCD International, after which your grant will be paid.

      • Meet with your academic co-ordinator in the host institution to finalise your . Once your courses are confirmed and the document has been signed, return it to your academic co-ordinator in UCD for their approval. 

2. While on Exchange

Registration with UCD

You are required to register with UCD as well as being a registered student at your host university. This means you need to pay your student contribution fee and student centre levy to UCD as normal.  You do not pay any registration or tuition fees to your host university. 

Check your UCD Connect e-mail regularly

All official correspondence from UCD is sent to your UCD Connect e-mail address. Please check it regularly.

You are a UCD Ambassador

Remember that while you are abroad you are representing UCD so please act accordingly and observe the regulations and the code of conduct of the university in which you are staying.

Please become involved in any exchange promotional events such as Study Abroad Fairs that the International Office in your host university organises.


Please ensure that you have approval from your academic co-ordinator for the courses and amount of credits you are taking.

If you are experiencing any problems in relation to your courses, such as not being able to enrol in a required course or finding courses too difficult, please contact your academic co-ordinator and the International Office as soon as you can.

Do not make any changes to your courses such as dropping a module without first getting the approval of your academic coordinator in UCD.


Please stay in contact with UCD International and your academic coordinator and let us know of any problems you have as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

3. Before You Return Home

  1. Check with your host university how your grades are being sent to UCD. Some universities send transcripts to UCD International directly. Others require you to request them and bring them to UCD International yourself.
  2. Erasmus students should return the signed and stamped Completion Certificate to UCD International‌.