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Living Costs in Ireland

It is expected that you will have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living costs.  Part-time work cannot be depended on to support yourself. This guide is to help you calculate the costs for living expenses such as accommodation, food, textbooks and other basics. Lots of things can affect how much money you'll need, so these numbers are indicative only.

Much depends on your own personal choices – therefore, allow some margin to cover this as well as having something kept aside for the unexpected things which always catch us out when we least expect it!

Cost of Living

The below figures will change based on your accommodation type, but can be used as a useful guide. For example if you are living on campus in a catered residence, you'll need less money for food, while if you're renting an apartment you'll need to put money aside for bills like electricity and internet.

ExpenseApprox cost per month 
ELECTRICITY/GAS/BINS (Public Utilities) €28
FOOD (including lunches) €250
TRAVEL (Monthly Short Hop ticket) €132
BOOKS AND MATERIALS (incl. photocopying & printing) €75


Approximate Cost of Living per month (without accommodation) - €680


It is also important to keep in mind that when you first arrive you are also likely to have some one-off costs.

The estimates above do not include the cost of flights or insurance. You should also budget for any initial costs you will likely incur (e.g. you might need to budget for short term accommodation upon arrival in Dublin or make a deposit for accommodation which might be the equivalent of 4 weeks rent).

Also please note that all non-Irish nationals, who are not citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, must register in person with the Burgh Quay Registration Office after arrival and after completion of registration at UCD. The Burgh Quay will issue you with an Irish Residence Permit (formerly known as GNIB card). The fee for this card as of July 2017 is €300 and should be included in your budgeting calculations.



As a UCD student you can choose to live on-campus, or rent accommodation off-campus. Below are approximate costs related to the various accommodation types available. On-campus prices shown are based on the 2018-2019 academic year, as published on the UCD Residences Fees website

On-Campus, not catered - €692 - 952 per month
On-Campus, catered - €1216 per month
Off-Campus, own studio/apartment - €850-1300 per month
Off-Campus, shared apartment - €400-800 per month


Advice from the UCD Student Advisors on budgeting is detailed here.

How much are my fees?

Each course has an EU and a non-EU fee. Note that holding an EU passport doesn't automatically make you eligible for EU fees and vice-versa. To find out more about what fees you'll need to pay visit one of these pages:

For a list of fees for Undergraduate, Graduate, Occassional and Study Abroad fees please click here.

If you are unsure as to which fee category is relevant for you, please see the UCD Fees Office website