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There are many opportunities to get involved within UCD and UCD International. Please see below for information on the different ways of getting involved.

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Peer Mentor

The UCD Peer Mentoring Programme is organised and managed by the Student Advisers Network and the Student Engagement Officer for the BA.

Peer mentoring provides the chance for Stage 1 incoming students to ask a current Stage 2 or 3 student (mentor) any questions they may have regarding student life and to find out more information about UCD. Mentors play a crucial role in assisting the incoming students’ involvement in events during Orientation Week and providing further information and guidance throughout the academic year through individual/group meetings, informal group events, and via e-mail and phone.

Peer Mentoring to the student experience was recognised by a Teaching and Learning Award for Supporting Student Learning in April 2011. In September 2011, 500 Peer Mentors welcomed all incoming first year undergraduate UCD students.

To become involved please visit the BA Mentoring programme webpage.

Peer Exchange Advisers

Peer Exchange Advisers are UCD students who have studied abroad. They offer information and advice to students interested in going on exchange. They can answer many types of questions regarding studying abroad including: cost of living in a new country, finding accommodation, and overall experience of studying in a different university and country.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Peer Exchange Adviser and would like more information please visit the returning to UCD webpage.

The Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme provides an opportunity for UCD exchange students to assist current international exchange students in meeting new people and becoming accustomed to life at UCD.

For further information please visit the returning to UCD webpage.

UCD Clubs and Societies

UCD has a wide variety of clubs and societies to cater for every interest. Joining a club or society is an excellent way of meeting new people and enriching your college experience. During Fresher’s Week (second week of Autumn term) there will be an opportunity to find out more about each club and society, and sign up to those you are interested in. To find out more about the clubs and societies in UCD please visit the UCD Sports & Societies website

Some of the sports clubs that UCD have to offer include: American football; Camogie; Equestrian; Hockey; Karate; Sailing; Surf; Tae Kwon Do; and Trampoline. For a full list of the sports clubs please visit the UCD Sports & Societies website

The Literary & Historical Society, DramSoc, International Students Society and UCD Erasmus Students Network (see below) are amongst the many societies available for students to join at UCD. For a full list please visit the UCD Societies website.

UCD Get in Gear (GIG)
The UCD Get in Gear Get Active programme is a very popular exercise programme open to all UCD International Students. This programme provides you with a fantastic opportunity to try out a wide variety of exercise activities in a non-competitive environment where the flexibility of the timetable allows you to include exercise around a busy academic schedule. All the GIG classes are specifically designed to encourage you to enjoy the feeling of exercising while improving your own individual fitness level.  This 7 week programme is rolled out in October and January each year and registration takes place at UCD Sport reception.  The cost of the programme package is €20.
To find out more about the UCD Get in Gear Get Active programme please visit the UCD Get in Gear website at or e-mail for further information.

UCD International Students’ Society

International and Irish students are welcome to join this society, which organises a range of social and cultural events during the year. Further information may be found on their facebook page, or they may be contacted via e-mail.

UCD Erasmus Students Network (ESN)

In 2006 the UCD Erasmus Student Network was formed by Irish exchange students who had returned from their exchange. It is a full member of ESN International, linking it with over 390 Higher Education Institutions across 36 countries. ESN has a number of core values including ‘unity in diversity, diversity in the unity’ and ‘students helping students’. The UCD Erasmus Student Network organise a number of events including language exchanges and weekend trips around Ireland. They also offer information to Irish students interested in studying abroad, and practical advice for international students on exchange at UCD. Further information may be found on their facebook page, or they may be contacted via e-mail.

UCD Global Guides

The UCD Global Lounge is a vibrant and relaxed space that provides a place to support the efforts of globally focused student groups and organisations.

The role of a UCD Global Guide in the UCD Global Lounge is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and to provide support to UCD International and international students.

The UCD Global Lounge is open during term from 08:45 until 21:00 on Monday to Friday, and 16:30 until 21:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Please find more information about becoming a UCD Global Guide on the Global Lounge website