Translation: Guidance & FAQs

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Translation FAQs

Gaeltacht UCD coordinates the UCD Irish/English and English/Irish translation service. All requests should be submitted in WORD format to:

Gaeltacht UCD can advise on this at:  

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Yes, Gaeltacht UCD has a tender with an external translation company and each individual school or unit covers the cost of its own translations. All completed translations are then proofread free of charge by Gaeltacht UCD before they are returned to the individual school/unit. A small number of short translations are completed in-house, and Gaeltacht UCD has a translation database, which includes current names of UCD units, schools, colleges, and buildings, see

After submitting your text to, Gaeltacht UCD will request an estimate from the translation company; translation costs are calculated by word count and complexity of text.  If satisfied with the estimate the individual school/unit will then raise a PO no. for the cost of the translation, via UCD E-procurement (supplier code STA217) and the translation work proceeds. When the unit/school receives its completed translation it ‘receipts’ the PO no. via UCD E-procurement.


Time estimates can vary depending on the length of a document and the complexity of the text. The average turnaround time after receipt of PO no is 3-4 working days for a text with 1,000 words or less.

What appears to be a short or quick translation may not always be the case. Some translations can be completed on the same day in-house. Others may need to be sent out and/or in the case of ‘new’ terminology in specialized areas Gaeltacht UCD may contact the Coiste Tearmaíochta (National Terminology Committee) on your behalf.

To ensure consistency in standards and in-house style, we advise that all translations are processed via a single office (currently Gaeltacht UCD). Should an individual school/unit decide to have their translation work done independently, they should firstly contact UCD Procurement to ensure that their chosen translators and proofreaders are among those recently approved by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, and secondly that their chosen translator is approved for the type of text required, i.e. general text, legal text etc.

Having an Irish speaker on your team is a great asset for informal communication, however, unless he/she is a professional translator there will be no cost savings on written translations. The cost for proofing text with most translation companies is identical to the cost for translation. There may be exceptions, when basic instructions and/or single lines of text are concerned, then Gaeltacht UCD staff will be happy to liaise with colleagues and advise accordingly.

It is not advisable to use Google Translate, accuracy in online translation is not yet of a sufficiently high standard and errors are common when words and phrases are translated out of context.

Gaeltacht UCD can provide a translation for this. A member of the Gaeltacht UCD team can record this for you and/or can recommend an Irish speaking actor.