Research Theme: Childcare


Name: Therese McDonnell

Institution:University College Dublin




Project: I plan to research the effect of early maternal employment and childcare use on the health and development of children.


Description of project only


Project (2017): I intend to use waves 1-3 to critically examine how childcare impacts parents’ decisions to return to work having had a child. 3 waves are requested as I want to examine how different circumstances - such as family expansion, financial situations, relationship changes etc. - impact access to/affordability of childcare, and how this in turn may possibly affect parental

Project (2016): I am currently doing a Masters of Public Health in UCC. I want to look at this data for my thesis. I wish to look at the infant data to see does childcare, or lack of, play a role in childhood obesity and overweight in children under the age of five in Ireland.



Name: Fiona Sinnott
Institution: University College Cork
Completion: April 2016

Project: I am a final year Speech and Language Therapy student in UCC and for my final year project I aim to investigate whether different types of childcare (for example centre-basedor home-based) attended by children aged three may impact differently on the child's later communication skills at age five. Statistical analyses will be completed using the datasets. The end date will be the 25th of April 2016.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Child Development



Name: Hannah McCarthy
Institution: University of Cambridge
Completion: July 2016

Project: To use the data to draft a policy paper on improving childcare policy and improving the return of mothers to the Irish labour market.