Research Theme: Disability


Name:  Robert Clarke

Institution:  University of Oxford


Completion:  31/12/2020

Funder: N/A

Project: Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in older adults that carries an increased risk for poor health outcomes including falls, incident disability, hospitalisation, and mortality. The syndrome is characterised by negative energy balance, sarcopenia, and diminished strength and tolerance for exertion. The most widely used criteria (Fried criteria) for frailty include 3 of 5 phenotypic criteria indicating compromised energy balance: low grip strength, low energy, slowed walking speed, low physical activity, and unintentional weight loss. The relevance of overall and components of ideal cardiovascular health (normal blood pressure, normal blood glucose, non-smoking, healthy weight, physical activity and healthy diet) for risk of frailty are not fully understood. The TILDA is a cohort study of 8000 older people with data on cardiovascular risk factors recorded at baseline and markers of frailty recorded 3 years later. The study affords an opportunity to quantify the relative importance of individual CVD risk factors and the aggregate of all CVD risk factors for frailty.


Name:  Christine Lehane

Institution:  University of Copenhagen


Completion:  30/07/2017

Funder: Velux Fonden

Project: I am currently a PhD fellow in health psychology conducting research on older couple's adjustment to sensory loss (hearing, vision, and dual-sensory loss). I wish to model and compare the social network, relational and emotional well-being of older couples living with and without sensory loss over time (50+ years) using the TILDA datasets. 


Name: Deirdre Connolly
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Completion: December 2017


Project: Data set will be used to examine ADL and IADL patterns of older adults in Ireland. Data will be examined to identify trends in ability to complete ADL and IADL activites across different age categories and to examine differences in ability between males and females according to general health status. Physical, cognitive and social factors that may influence ADL and IADL ability will be examined. As I have already examined wave 1 data for factors impacting on ADL and IADL, comparisons will be made between wave 1 and wave 2 data. 

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Ageing and Mortality.



Name: John Cullinan
Institution: NUI Galway
Completion: July 2017

Project: Research focusing on the economics of disability and ageing.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Ageing and Mortality.



Name: Marianne Griffiths
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Completion: September 2015

Project: It is intended that this data will provide a descriptive context to my PhD Study 'An exploratory study of the experiences of family carers of older people with an intellectual disability in Ireland'. I will be running comparative analyses between the findings of the Intellectual Disability Supplement to TILDA regarding carers with the findings from the main TILDA wave 1 study. 

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Family and Caring.



Name: Mary-Ann O'Donovan
Institution: Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Completion: Withheld

Project: My PhD thesis is concerned with the housing transitions of older people with intellectual disability and the impact on health and health service use. An element of the study is a comparison with the general population of older people as well as older people with other functional limitations.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Health and Medical Services Utilisation.



Name: Withheld
Institution: Withheld
Contact: Withheld
Completion: 2015

Project: We would like to examine physical limitations and cognitive abilities of the population above 50 across countries. Moreover, investigations in possible cohort changes in terms of disabilities and cognition are of our interest.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Cognitive Functioning.