Research Theme: Drug Treatment


Name:  Luca Turtscher/Farhad Pazan

Institution:  Clinical Pharmacology, Mannheim University of Heidelberg


Completion:  December 2019

Funder: N/A


Project: This project aims to assess the validity of the FORTA score as a predictor for some elder-relevant clinical outcomes in older people. Type of study: an association study Primary endpoint: association between the FORTA score (sum of over- and under-treatments) and elder-relevant clinical outcomes at baseline for a low vs. high FORTA score group. Hypothesis: lower FORTA scores are associated with/predict better clinical outcomes in community-dwelling older people. In other words, a more appropriate drug treatment according to FORTA is associated with better clinical outcomes in older people. Inclusion criteria: number of medications >5 Exclusion criteria: assessment/s not performed/recorded at first time visit


Name:  Ruth Peters

Institution:  Australian National University


Completion:  December 2018

Funder: N/A


Project: We have evidence that higher blood pressure is likely to increase our risk of developing dementia or worsening thinking and memory skills (cognitive decline) later in life. There are also several studies and clinical trials that have looked at giving blood pressure lowering drugs and whether this will reduce risk of dementia or cognitive decline. The results of these studies are mixed. It has been suggested that the mixed results are due to the different types of blood pressure lowering drugs used in the different studies and trials. That is to say, some types of blood pressure lowering drugs may have a more positive effect on risk of dementia or cognitive decline than others. We are looking at the different types of blood pressure lowering drugs in a large number of studies. We are combining the results to see whether there are any differences depending on the type of blood pressure lowering drug that is used. For this reason we are applying to look at the TILDA data to see whether the different types of blood pressure lowering drugs had different effects on the development of cognitive decline and dementia.

This project is also recorded under the theme Cognitive Functioning


Description of project only


Project(2018):  Relationship between polypharmacy and socio-demographic factors and use of over the counter medications.  To determine the association between polypharmacy and a history of falls among the population over 50 in Ireland.