Research Theme: Environmental


Name:  Margaret O’Mahony

Institution:  Trinity College Dublin


Completion:  December 2020

Funder: Environmental Protection Agency


Project: As part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded project entitled ‘The Impact of NO 2 on health, with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups’, we would like to explore the TILDA database to observe if there are associations between exposure to high levels of NO 2 (which we will obtain from NO 2 monitors and/or proximity to traffic) and health and wellbeing e.g. asthma, cardiac disease etc. Recent findings by COMEAP in the UK suggest that exposure to NO 2 affects health and wellbeing and the EPA would like to assess the implications for Ireland. We understand that the location of residence for participants in TILDA is specified on the basis of whether they live in Dublin city or county, any other Irish city or town or in a rural location. This level of geographical disaggregation is very useful for our study but if there was a higher level of granularity with respect to location of residence available (e.g. census small area level), then the associations generated with the NO 2 levels would offer higher statistical power in the findings.


Name:  Michael Neylon

Institution:  Clare County Council


Completion:  October 2020

Funder: N/A


Project: To establish the environmental factors determining poor psychological and physical health/ill-health among older people.


Name: Withheld
Institution: Withheld
Contact: Withheld
Completion: Withheld


Project (2017):  I'm interested in conducting spatial analysis on the chronic disease data and associations with environmental and social variables. I'm also interested in generating maps of chronic disease to show how prevalence varies spatially across the country which may eventually be in informing targeted screening programmes.


Name: Seraphim Dempsey
Institution: ESRI
Completion: July 2017

Project: Our aim is to use the data as part of a study of how environmental quality affects both the short-term and long-term health of people over the age of 65 in Ireland. Funder: ESRI Environment Research Programme.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Health.