Research Theme: Family and Caring


Name:  Sharon Anderson

Institution:  University of Alberta, Canada


Completion:  31/07/2018

Funder: N/A


Project: I want to see if quality of the relationship-spousal or family makes a difference in stroke survivor’s functional recovery, caregiver burden, and stroke survivor and spousal or family caregiver wellbeing.



Name: Stephen Gallagher
Institution: University of Limerick
Completion: December 2015

Project: I would like to look at the psychological, behavioural and physical impact of providing care to a sick or disabled relative/friend on those providing care.



Name: Marianne Griffiths
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Completion: September 2015

Project: It is intended that this data will provide a descriptive context to my PhD Study 'An exploratory study of the experiences of family carers of older people with an intellectual disability in Ireland'. I will be running comparative analyses between the findings of the Intellectual Disability Supplement to TILDA regarding carers with the findings from the main TILDA wave 1 study. 

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Disability.



Name: Trutz Haase
Institution: Trutz Hasse - Social and Economic Consultant
Completion: January 2014

Project: The purpose of the project is to produce a report which enhances the understanding of the support and care needs of older people in the Republic of Ireland, based on an in-depth analysis of combined data from the 2011 Census of Population and the first wave of data from TILDA. The proposed study will, for the first time, provide a scientific evidence base for the optimal, fair and transparent distribution of resources for the support and care needs of older people in the Republic of Ireland. Combining the application of Structural Equation Modelling and Small Area Estimation procedures, the study utilises advanced statistical modelling approaches that re new to social science in Ireland. The study thus represents not only an unprecedented advancement in providing an evidence base for Irish policy-making but is also at the forefront of methodological innovation at an International level.



Name: Jan Skopek
Institution: European University Institute
Completion: February 2017

Project: I want to employ the TILDA data for studying fertility processess in Ireland from a multigenerational perspective. A particular focus is given to the study of the demography of grantparenthood scrutinizing prevalence and incidence of grandparenthood in different social groups. Demographics of Irish grandparenthood will be compared with other European countries having different fertility contexts and histories. I checked the documentation and came to the conclusion that the TILDA data provides (1) a suitable sample and (2) all relevant measures for that.



Name: Barrie Tyner
Institution: University College Cork
Completion: July 2015

Project: Quantify level of care and change in the level of care provided by grandparents in Ireland.



Name: Edel Walsh
Institution: University College Cork
Completion: January 2017

Project: We are interested in using this data to undertake an analysis on out of pocket costs for formal and informal care among older individuals in Ireland. 



Name: Victoria Ward
Institution: University of Limerick
Completion: Withheld

Project: I am completing an MA in Sociology (Applied Research). As part of the quantiative research module we are required to complete a small piece of research using a secondary data source. I intend on investigating it living in a rural or urban area has an effect on a person's involvement with their children and grandchildren.