Research Theme: Quality of Life and Wellbeing


Name:  Jeffrey Stokes

Institution:  Illinois State University


Completion:  April 2022

Funder: N/A


Project: I plan to use these data to further expand upon the research project I began using Wave 1 and Wave 2 data previously. The purpose of this research is to examine dyadic partner effects of marital quality on well-being among married older couples in Ireland. Wave 3 data will allow for longitudinal analysis of these dyadic associations.


Name:  Nora Donnelly

Institution:  Economic and Social Research Institute


Completion:  31/12/2019

Funder: HRB


Project: The ESRI and RCSI are collaborating on an Health Research Board funded study looking at the consequences of cognitive impairment following a stroke ( and-modifying- the- consequences-of- stroke-related- cognitive-impairment- through-intervention/ ). The project PI is Anne Hickey (RCSI) and the co-applicants include David Williams (RCSI/Beaumont hospital), Kathleen Bennett (RCSI), Maev-Ann Wren (ESRI), Frances Horgan (RCSI) and Niall Pender (Beaumont hospital). One aspect of this study is to examine the cost implications of such cognitive impairment. To do this, we need to estimate the number of people with cognitive impairment and stroke in Ireland. TILDA is a unique dataset as it includes variables on both whether a respondent has had a stroke and whether they have cognitive impairment. A number of waves have been requested in order to examine stroke and cognitive impairment rates over time.


Name:  Lindsay Ryan

Institution:  University of Michigan


Completion:  Dec 2022

Funder: N/A


Project: I am a scientist working as part of the Gateway to Global Aging web resource and will be working to harmonize the psychosocial constructs across the HRS family of studies, including TILDA. This work is directed by Dr. Jinkook Lee at USC, and I am working in collaboration with Dr. Jacqui Smith at the University of Michigan to harmonize the psychosocial data.  As we aim to harmonize as much data as possible, we request access to the full datasets, to allow for complete searches for potential variables and scales. We will use this to add to the current Harmonized dataset, and will also work on our own publications using the harmonized psychosocial data across studies.

This project is also recorded under the theme Data Analysis/Data Use


Name:  Alexis O’Reilly

Institution:  Maynooth University


Completion:  October 2021

Funder: Walsh Fellowship


Project: I am a PhD student funded by the Walsh Fellowship working on a project titled “Understanding Farmer’s Quality of Life, Wellbeing and Rural Isolation.” Student number 13454412. I am researching environmental and locational factors affecting farmer’s health outcomes I intend undertaking a comparative evaluation of Farmer’s subjective assessment of Quality of Life, Wellbeing and Isolation from nationally available secondary data. TILDA would be a useful means of access to longitudinal health data for an older cohort of farmers. Given that there is a spatial tag associated with the data it will provide useful information on the effects of space/ place and health outcomes among farmers.


Name:  Mojdeh Khandanian

Institution:  University College Dublin


Completion:  31/10/2017

Funder: N/A


Project: As part of my master’s thesis for the Msc. Applied Economics course in UCD, I would like to use the TILDA dataset for a longitudinal analysis of the change in health behaviours of older people in Ireland. This will be undertaken over the course of the next approx. three months and will be supervised by the UCD Economics department.


Name:  Nga Nguyen

Institution:  Queen’s University Belfast


Completion:  26/06/2021

Funder: N/A


Project: Our study will examine the relationship between health related quality of life and the severity of kidney disease experienced by the individual. We hope to have data that combine the QoL assessment with renal function in a population based study. We conducted a study on a representative sample of community dwelling individuals living in England and would like to explore other datasets to have more discussion and comparison. The relationship between kidney disease and specific domains of health captured will also be investigated, with the controlling for age, gender, socio-economic status, marital status and ethnicity.


Name:  Laura Bardon

Institution:  University College Dublin


Completion: 31/03/2018

Funder: Joint Programme Initiative (JPI), Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)


Project: For my research masters I am interested in completing secondary analysis on existing datasets to examine the determinants of malnutrition in older persons. My findings would also be a part of the MaNuEL study (Malnutrition in the Elderly) which is a European wide study seeking to build a knowledge hub around malnutrition in older persons. MaNuEl will bring together and harmonize transnational datasets from nutritional intervention trials and observational studies to perform secondary analyses and build a research infrastructure for future research questions. 



Name: Fabrice Kampfen
Institution: University of Lausanne
Completion: May 2016

Project: Interested in ageing and wellbeing and see how two variables are related to education.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Ageing and Mortality.



Name: Richard Layte
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Completion: 2016

Project: Examining how patterns of social contact and social support vary across the population of older people in Ireland and whether this has an impact on health and well being. To what extent does the availability of a spouse and other social support mediate the relationship between chronic illness and quality of life (CASP19)? Are more diverse and frequent patterns of social support associated with slower cognitive decline in older age? Does the availability of social support within and outside the home influence utilisation of formal healthcare? The transition to retirement is a major life transition where many settled patterns of social contact are disturbed with possible consequences for the quality of marital relationships. Conversely, older age can also lead to the availability of time that can be used to develop relationships with children and grandchildren. What are the patterns of contact with grand-children?

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Community and Social Support and Health.



Name: Helen Russell
Institution: Economic and Social Research Institute
Completion: 2016

Project: I wish to explore whether the data can be used to examine relating to health and wellbeing at work, in particular issues of work-related ill health. If feasible, this analyses will be undertaken as part of a research programme between the Health and Safety Authority and the ESRI on Health, Safety and Well-being at work. This project will run until the end of 2015. I also wish to use the data to explore issues of gender inequality in later life including topics of labour market experiences, income (including pensions), poverty, and social exclusion. 

This research project is also recorded under the themes: Gender Equality, Work and Employment and Poverty, Socioeconomic Status and Inequality.