Research Theme: Retirement


Name:  Julia Brown

Institution:  The Ohio State University


Completion:  01/05/2018

Funder: N/A


Project: We are looking at how housing cost burden varies across populations of seniors (over age 62) in different parts of the world. We are using data from the Health and Retirement Study in the US, and the SHARE data from other parts of Europe, and comparing housing wealth, debt, and costs (rent, mortgages, maintenance, etc.). The purpose of the present analysis is primarily descriptive, but may inform future work/research directions.


Name: Martin Lawless
Institution: University College Dublin
Completion: April 2015

Project: Currently carrying out research into early retirement from the Irish Labour Force. 


Name: Ignacio Madero-Cabib
Institution: Universidad Diego Portales
Completion: Withheld

Project: The intended use is to perform a cross-national postdoctoral research on the effect of occupational trajectories and retirement timing over older adults’ health. 

This research project is also recorded under the themes: Work and Employment and Health


Name: Jiayi Wen
Institution: CEMFI
Completion: July 2016

Project: I am a PhD student in Economics. I am studying the retirement decision of the older people.


Name: Withheld
Institution: Withheld
Contact: Withheld
Completion: Withheld

Project: The aim of this study is to analyse whether a high level of mastery is related to the decision to retire early. Using the TILDA AMF Wave 1 this study seeks to compare mastery levels among two groups within the one population of 55-65 year olds: one group will have retired early, the other will still be in employment. The independent variable is levels of mastery and the dependent variable being the choice to retire. Mastery levels will be measured using items from the SCQ, while the CAPI will be used for employment status. The first hypothesis is that those who have a higher sense of mastery choose to retire early. The second hypothesis of the present study is that males have a higher sense of mastery than females.