Updated Versions of TILDA

17 November 2015

Updated versions of TILDA Wave 1 and Wave 2 have been released. Below is a summary of the changes:

  • Data from wave 2 self-completion questionnaire added (languages, social involvement, loneliness, voting, alcohol consumption behaviour including CAGE,  perceived stress scale)
  • New derived variables for activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) added to wave 2
  • Individual items for the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CESD) scale added  in wave 2 (MH001 – MH020)
  • Derived social class variable added to wave 2 (W2socialclass)
  • Further education variables added to wave 2 (edu_level and dm048)
  • Self-reported height and weight in wave 2 added (ph720 and ph723)
  • Doctor diagnosed conditions in wave 2 added (high blood pressure –ph201_01, arthritis –ph301_03 and thyroid problems-ph301_15a)
  • Further healthcare utilisation variables added to wave 2 (hu012, hu015a_01, hu015a_02, hu015_03)
  • Further self-reported physical activity variables added to wave 2 (bh101 and bh103)
  • Further employment status and income variables added to wave 2 (we107, we109, we112, we114 and we122)

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