Updates to EU-SILC

22 February 2022

Updated Region Coding 


The data provider has released an updated version of the dataset 2012-2020 to correct outdated region coding. The revised dataset contains updated NUTS2 and NUTS3 coding. 

You can find more information on this here: https://www.cso.ie/en/methods/revnuts23/ 

Users who have previously received EU-SILC and who may have been impacted by this outdated region coding should contact us at issda@ucd.ie to receive this updated version of the dataset.


EU-SILC 2020  


The EU-SILC 2020 dataset is now available. 

Please note: Please note that there was a break in time series for SILC 2020. Data from SILC 2020 onwards is not directly comparable with data from SILC 2004-2019.

In 2020 AMF was revised to be more in line with the SILC RMF. Variables were renamed in accordance with Eurostats Doc65, which provides methodological guidelines and description of EU-SILC target variables. The target variables within the AMF are data on household and individual income as well as a number of key national poverty indicators, therefore variables identified as being not relevant to SILC were removed from the AMF. Furthermore, additional statistical disclosure controls were also implemented in the revisions so as to adhere to updates of the Legislation, Governance & Data Policies of the CSO. 


To apply for this dataset please send your completed application form to issda@ucd.ie 



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