The Irish EQ-5D-5L Survey, 2015-2016 now available

22 August 2018




This survey looked at self-reported health status across five domains of health - mobility, self-care, usual activites, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression at five levels of severity. In addition a broad range of socio-demographic data including age, gender, marital status, income, education and urban/rural location were collected. Data from the survey has been used to establish population norms for health using the EQ5D5L descriptive framework for Ireland (i.e. representative values of the resident population) and to examine variations in these between groups differentiated by observed socio-demographic characteristics. The data allows researchers to compare Irish norms with that of samples they may have generated or can access from other studies using the same instrument and to explore the sources of variations among and between.

For further information on this dataset, or on how to make an application to use the data please visit:

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