TILDA Data Available

22 April 2024

Logo for the TILDA study

ISSDA is pleased to announce that updated TILDA pseudonymised microdata files (PMF) are now available to request.

This latest update and release includes the following  - 


  • Wave 1 dataset: v1.12
  • Wave 2 dataset: v2.7
  • Wave 3 dataset: v3.6
  • Wave 4 dataset: v4.4
  • Wave 5 dataset: v5.5
  • TILDA COVID-19 Study, 2020 dataset: v. 2
  • Harmonized TILDA, 2016 dataset:. v. 1.2


Please see the 0053-00_TILDA_Release_Guide_v5.5 and individual study pages for more information on the datasets.

Please ensure you use the new ISSDA request forms for research and teaching which are available on the TILDA data study pages  https://www.ucd.ie/issda/data/tilda/


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