The UCD IT Work Programme contains all the major projects due to be implemented for the current year.  Published annually, the programme is developed through a detailed consultation process with Schools, Colleges & Units and is approved by UCD senior management.

Headline Projects 2017


Project Name



Implementation of new Research Management System

Implementation of a new cloud-based Research Management System which will provide a better platform for managing UCD's research publications and impact.


Scoping of new HPC Cluster

Work in conjunction with stakeholders across the research community to determine requirements for the next generation computational resource for UCD.


Future VLE

This project will seek to identify UCD’s needs from a virtual learning environment. This will require consultation with all parties, customers, stakeholder groups, systems specialists, teaching and learning experts. Once the requirements have been identified these can be used to do a matching exercise against solutions available in the marketplace today. A procurement exercise will be required to assist with final product selection.


Curriculum Management System developments

This project will encompass a number of developments in the curriculum space, including the redesign of the module descriptor, and the publication of programme outcomes.


Information Transfer between Banner and Blackboard

Delivery of improved functionality in relation to transfer of grades from Blackboard to Gradebook and provision of greater flexibility in how student data from Banner is populated into Blackboard  (to include the ability to populate data at major and/or CRN level).


Review of UCD Mobile

Review of the customer requirements in the Mobile App space and consider methods of delivering this service.


Account Activation & Password Self-service

Implement a new process whereby new staff and students are required to formally activate their IT account. In doing this, the account holder will confirm acceptance of IT policies, set an appropriate strong password and provide information to enable future password self-service.


Review of Online Student Registration

Conduct a formal review of the existing online student registration system, both in terms of functionality and user interface.  The review will lead to recommendations on the development of a new system, which, if implemented, would be targetted to go live for Sepetember 2018.


Global Partnerships

Development and rollout of a fully integrated solution for capturing and reporting on UCD’s Global Partnerships.


Performance for Growth

Support for UCD’s new performance management process, developed in line with University’s Strategic Objective 5.


Information for School Management

Delivery of enhancements to information available to school Management, to include streamlining, development of a more engaging user interface, and possible addition of event-based notifications.


Device Encryption Service

Review of Encryption options and improve existing service.


File Storage & Collaboration

Personal & Shared File Storage - Service Definition & Data Governance.


IT Services Structural Review

Progress the IT Services Review of Structures, Roles & Resources.


Staff Development

Development options for staff, including training on key competencies and support for career development opportunities.


Service Catalogue

Implement a process for service lifecycle management (including new services, closure and retirement) and to apply agreed templates (service descriptor) to existing services and to identify and manage orphan services.


Active Directory Investigation & Implementation

Moving from Novell as the primary directory - to provide a strong foundation for current and future services.


Security Infrastructure Investment Programme

Programme of infrastructure investment including replacing the VPN, implementation of firewalls and replacement of edge routers.


Intranet/Portal  Review

Review requirements for portals and intranets in the university and identify suitable technical solutions for their delivery.

Work Programme 2017 - IT Projects

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