Activating your UCD Connect Account

Once you are entitled to an UCD Connect account, you will receive an email from UCD IT Services to the personal email address you have provided to the University.  This email contains your Personnel or Visitor number.  Follow the link in the email to begin the four step process to set up your new Connect username and password.

Once you are ready, please follow the process through to the end.  It can take approximately 10 minutes from start to finish.  


‌Step 1 – Request UCD Connect account

Enter your Personnel or Visitor number.  

This will generate a Step 2 time limited encrypted email, allowing you to set a new password and start UCD Connect account creation.

For security this email is only valid for 20 minutes. You can redo Step 1 more than once, if the email expires before you undertake Step 2.


Step 2 – Set Password

Following the link in the second email. You will be directed to set a strong password.

Please remember this password as it will be your new UCD Connect password for access to IT services.


Step 3 - Review details and Acceptable Usage Policy

Log back in to InfoHub using your Personnel or Visitor number and your new password.

Important – Check that your name details are correct.  If there are any mistakes in your name, you should contact UCD HR by emailing  Once your UCD Connect account is created it is not possible to make name changes. (In the case of Sponsored Connect IT accounts, you should contact the IT Helpdesk)

Read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy before you activate your UCD Connect account.

Your UCD Connect account will be created, and your username and email address will be displayed on the screen.  Take note of these details.


‌Step 4 – Your UCD Connect account

You now have access to your UCD Connect account which gives you access to a wide range of services including file storage, Google email and calendar.

Note: The availability of a UCD Connect account for staff depends on being setup on the UCD HR system**. 

Visit the  New to UCD Guide.  This guide is designed to introduce the key IT services available and help you get started using IT at UCD.


**This does not apply to Sponsored Connect IT accounts as your Sponsor has provided your details to us.


Note: Staff awaiting setup on the HR system should not apply for a Sponsored Connect IT account.





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Q. What if I don’t have a personal email address?
You should create one just for use as a personal contact email for UCD  – It is needed for the account activation process and can be used to recover UCD Connect passwords for UCD Password Self Service at a later stage.  

Q. Where can I see what personal email address that I have given the University?
This will be recorded in InfoHub, under My Profile, then select Email Preferences.

Q. Can I change the personal email address that I have provided?
Yes. This can be changed in InfoHub, under My Profile, then select Email Preferences at any time.

Q. I didn’t get my Step 1 mail.
    1. Check spam/junk folder. 
    2. That you have checked the correct email box.
    3. That the email address is correctly recorded in Infohub.

Q. Can you send me the Step 1 again?
A. When you are ready, we can send you the Step 1 mail again.

Q. The “Set New Password” will not accept the password I am trying to enter?
UCD has a minimum standard for all new passwords. This standard for creating your new account is:

  • A least 10 characters long and must contain the following:
  • Contain 1 lowercase letter
  • Contain 1 uppercase letter
  • Contain 1 number

Please refer to our Security pages for information on how to set a strong password.

Q. What kind of personal email address should I use?

Your personal email address can be any type, as long as it is a non-UCD email address. 


Q.  I have a personal email address listed against another UCD Visitor record that I used for different service (eg booking swimming lessons, parking, applying for a course etc).  Can I use this personal email address for my managing my new Connect account?

A.  No.  You must have a unique non UCD personal email address assigned to your main UCD personnel record or Visitor record.