IT Relationship Management

The ITRM team focuses on IT development and internal project management, as well as ensuring IT Services provides a consistent, effective and timely level of  service to our customers.

One of the key roles of ITRM is new business and IT development, and we are happy to meet and discuss new projects and explore and navigate through the IT options available to you. IT Services offer a wide ranging catalogue of services to meet your needs. ITRM can offer IT advice on the best way forward and help initiate projects where possible. We are developing strategic partnerships with departments to align IT Services with the business needs of the University.


ITRM primary responsibilities:

  • Develop Strategic Partnerships within the UCD community

  • Support the University Community by shaping the services offered by IT Services to more closely align with the UCD communities needs

  • Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of services offered

  • Identify business needs and priorities


Contact ITRM if:

  • You are planning on making any business changes that may affect your IT service requirements such as business process development and teaching initiatives.

  • You have feedback or suggestions, to help improve our services and delivery standards.

  • You have a question or query that is IT related but you are unsure of how to find the resources you need to fulfil your requirements.


ITRM Team:

Paul Barry ITRM Manager, Computer Centre UCD Belfield, t: 01 716 2434 m: 087 8311893

Andrew Kearney ITRM Team Member,  Computer Centre UCD Belfield, t: 01 716 2018 m: 087 1435811

Gary Chapman ITRM Team Member,  Computer Centre UCD Belfield, t: 01 716 2014