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I am pleased to introduce the IT@UCD: IT Strategy 2020 - a strategic plan for information technology solutions and services 2016 to 2020.

This plan is the product of over six months of analysing data gathered from within UCD; a review of the key lessons from the previous IT Strategy; our quality improvement plan; independent review of our key IT processes; technology trends in higher education and industry; and a focused consultation process both internally and externally.

The full version of  IT Strategy 2020‌ is published online.

We trust that this plan offers an appropriate reflection of the mission, vision, values, objectives and strategic initiatives of the UCD Strategy 2015-2020, which includes College and School plans and the supporting strategies of the UCD Strategy for Research, Innovation and Impact (2015 - 2020) among others.The plan sets out how we intend to support and contribute to the UCD Strategy over the next five years. Whatever your role at UCD, we believe you will find this strategic plan, relevant, comprehensive, and a useful guide to decision making, priority setting and action.

Our approach has been to map out the UCD IT strategic goals which support and contribute to the delivery of the UCD strategic objectives and initiatives across the thematic areas of: Supporting Research; Enhancing Educational Technology Services; Contributing to the Student Experience; and Enabling Global Engagement. This approach ensures that a key outcome of the IT Strategy 2020 will be the delivery of end to end services. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we in IT Services will also focus on facilitating transformation and strategic information delivery and how we can enhance the delivery of service and platform excellence.

Our Vision

Empower people by transforming University life with new and emerging digital technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to both support and contribute to the UCD Strategy 2015 to 2020 by being the partner of choice for information technology solutions and services.

Strategic Objectives, Initiatives & Themes




Our Principles

  • Customer focused
  • Adding value
  • Secure, reliable, flexible, sustainable and accessible
  • Simple and innovative solutions

Our Values

  • Empowering our staff (Engagement)
  • Excellence in what we do (Excellence)
  • Engaging the community in the design and delivery of services (Collegiality)
  • Having open and honest two way conversations with the community (Integrity and Diversity)

Service Plan

This UCD IT Services, 5 year service plan outlines a set of goals and supporting actions that will ensure the successful delivery of information technology solutions and services across the UCD community in the coming years.

Download Service Plan IT Planning

The IT Strategy 2020 In A Nutshell

The IT Strategy 2020 presented on a page.

The IT Services Strategy encompasses our vision, mission, principles and values and sets out our strategic themes and goals with respect to the UCD strategic objectives and initiatives outlined in the UCD Strategy 2015-2020.


The IT Strategy 2020 On A Page

IT strategy 2020 one pager

Annual Review

Our Annual Review 2015 focuses on some of the main projects undertaken throughout the year and also highlights some of the smaller but high impact developments undertaken.

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