Using Computer labs & protecting your data

Thu, 13 October 16

Considerate Computer Lab Use

Be considerate of your fellow computer lab users – don’t plug out power or network cables for PCs. IT Services have over 800 PCs in computer labs for student use and for classes across campus. It's very important that this resource remains available to everyone. So please, please don't plug out any PC cables

Keep noise to a minimum,  don’t walk off and leave PCs unattended and always, always remember to log out of all services when you leave a shared PC.

Protect your Data

Protect your data – Always sign out of web services and close down the browser when using services such as email, SIS Web and UCD Connect. Don’t forget to log off when using IT Services Computer labs.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Always remember to regularly save your work regardless of whether you are using an IT Services computer lab or your own personal laptop. You can upload your assignments to your Google drive, and/or save to an external USB key or other devices.  (Remember - work saved to IT Services computer lab PCs will not be available after you log off)

PC out of action?

If you notice that a PC isn’t working, did you know that you can report it by emailing our IT Helpdesk? Just drop us an email with the number which can be found on the green IT Services sticker on the PC.