Self Service Password – Changes are coming….

Wed, 9 March 16

The upgraded tool will allow for a more stream-lined self-service user account process and increased security measures. It will be used for setting new passwords, nominating recovery details, and resetting forgotten passwords.

The new tool enforces a stronger password policy. The base requirement for new passwords is 8 characters or more, containing a mix of upper and lower case, characters and numbers.  The full password policy is explained here, along with suggestions on how to create a password that is both strong and memorable.

The tool allows you to nominate a Security Password Reset Email Address that will be used in the event that you have forgotten your password, or that it needs to be reset by the Helpdesk.  This address should be a non UCD email address. It will also be used for all communications regarding your password changes.  (This can also be viewed and changed within your UCD profile in Infohub).

The service launch date will be announced soon.