Disaster Recovery Testing

Tue, 28 June 16

Information Technology is essential to the running of the University and a key aspect of the service is to ensure business continuity at all times. There are a variety of potential scenarios that could interrupt service, including natural disaster, cyber crime and system failures.  UCD IT Services has a Disaster Recovery Policy in place and in line with this we need to regularly test the robustness of our services and recovery systems in preparation for any unforeseen event. 

On Saturday 2nd July between 6.00am – 10.00pm we are performing necessary Disaster Recovery testing of ALL IT systems. The work taking place carries a high risk of disrupting a wide range of IT services (including core services such as wireless, staff file share, single sign on, networks services, business systems, data centre storage and hosting) therefore please note that ALL IT systems and services are at risk and may be temporarily unavailable during this time.

IT Services would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this necessary work.