EdTECx in action, August 2016

Thu, 13 October 16

EdTECx in action workshops took place from 30 August to 2nd September 2016. Delivered by UCD IT Services and UCD Teaching and Learning, the event was highly successful with 213 members of faculty and staff from a wide variety of Schools and Units coming together to learn, network and share ideas.

The aim of the annual EdTECx in action series of workshops is to up-skill faculty and staff on the use of educational technologies in their teaching and learning practices. The workshops demonstrated how readily-available educational technologies in UCD can be applied in practice by faculty and staff. 15 workshops were offered spanning hands-on sessions creating online content and individual case studies illustrating how technology aids and expands the reach of teaching. Blackboard workshops proved very popular as did the Bb Collaborate Ultra sessions which were facilitated face-to-face and online through the virtual classroom. 

The EdTECx Team are currently planning a follow on event 'The EdTECx Talks' which takes places annually in Spring (date to be announced) and enables faculty across UCD to share experiences and present examples of educational technology in their practice. The team would like to thank those who recently attended the series of workshops and subsequently provided us with valuable feedback, furthermore we welcome any ideas or contributions for the upcoming EdTECx Talks via edtecx@ucd.ie