Black Friday online security

Wed, 9 November 16

Christmas is around the corner, and Black Friday (25th November) and Cyber Monday (28th November) offer great opportunities to buy gifts online for friends and family. To help you do this safely we’ve put together a few tips for secure online shopping.

Shop securely online:
1. Stick to well-known shopping websites
2. Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true
3. Never trust links in e-mails. Always go directly to the website
4. Be aware of your returns policy and consumer rights
5. Keep your computer software up to date
6. Check that your Antivirus is up to date

Online Payment Tips:
1. Ensure the payment page starts with HTTPS not HTTP, as this indicates a secure page
2. Use payment verification systems such as 'Verified by Visa'
3. Avoid money transfers to unknown people
4. Use online secure payment systems such as PayPal
5. Never use debit cards when making an online purchase
6. Check your bank statements regularly

Please note: IT Services strongly advises that you only use your UCD email address for UCD supported and work related systems.