Personalised Exam Timetables Are Now Available in InfoHub

Wed, 23 November 16

IT Services Management Services worked with the Assessment Unit in UCD Registry to create an individual exam timetable report available for students via InfoHub. Each student can view their own personalised exam timetable, including room locations and seat numbers.

The response to this new service has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a flavour of some of the 300 positive comments received from students:

"This is very good. I like this a lot. Well done to all in Tierney."

"This is fantastic. You guys are fantastic. Even has the seat number. I'm in awe."

"Thanks! Couldn't be more useful :)"

"Thank you - very useful and time saving."

"Very nice of you 10/10"

"Great system, makes it much easier than previous years! Really good improvement by UCD."