Sophos Endpoint protection – Malware protection

Wed, 23 November 16

IT Services have enabled Sophos Web Protection on Sophos protected computers in order to help secure the University’s information against the latest Cyber threats including Ransomware. 

How it works: Sophos Web Protection provides enhanced protection against web threats by preventing access to locations that are known to host malware. It blocks endpoints' access to such sites by performing a real-time lookup against Sophos's online database of malicious websites. It also scans downloaded data and files and checks file reputation. This feature will add an additional layer of security to help protect the University’s information from the latest cyber threats.

Sophos antivirus for Windows and Mac’s is available free for staff and students. You can install Sophos by going to UCD Connect, clicking on “Software Download” and selecting “Sophos”. While IT Services recommends that all machines use Sophos Anti-Virus software to help protect University and personal information, if you already have an up to date AV tool there is no need to install Sophos. 

If you have any questions about Anti-Virus software or need assistance then please contact the IT Helpdesk at (01 716 2700) or drop into your nearest IT Centre in either the Daedalus or Health Science building.

Reminder: Please ensure your Antivirus software is up to date and scanning your machine.