IT Services DR Day 6 July 2019 – Ensuring Business Continuity for the UCD Community

Wed, 29 May 19

What happens on DR Day?

Leading in best practice, UCD IT Services is gearing up for our ninth annual Disaster Recovery (DR) day, which will take place on the 6th July. DR Day is an essential part of the Disaster Recovery plan. There are a variety of potential scenarios that could interrupt service, including cyber crime, natural disaster, and system failures. In line with our IT Strategy for Disaster Recovery and to ensure the highest service availability, IT Services annually test the robustness of our services and recovery systems in preparation for an unforeseen event.

On Saturday 6 July between 6.00am – 10.00pm we will perform necessary Disaster Recovery testing of ALL IT systems.

On July 6th, IT Services will be testing the recovery capabilities of all our infrastructure. IT Services operate two data centres on campus and each data centre can operate independently while providing a full set of services. We perform tests every year to ensure that this infrastructure architecture functions correctly.

As part of our testing procedure, the first test begins at 6AM. This is a test of all the Plant equipment which includes the electricity, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), generator, air conditioning and chilling units. Power is shut off at each Data centre and we ensure that all the items above continue to function correctly.

We will then test all the network components which provide connectivity to the Internet and network connectivity to all the buildings on campus and the network to Blackrock, St Vincents, Mater, Crumlin and Lyons farm to ensure connectivity in the event of loss of various components. The network to the applications, servers and storage hosted on campus will be tested as well as the failover of the wireless networks to ensure continued successful operation in the event of a central wireless controller failure.

IT Services then test the storage which is used by all the on-site servers and provides shared storage for many departments to ensure that in the event of losing a data centre, the storage will failover successfully to the ‘live’ data centre and continue to function as normal. The final test, checks that the servers which run the various applications will failover successfully in the event of loss of a data centre.

Please note that this necessary work carries a high risk of disrupting a wide range of IT services (including core services such as wireless, staff file share, single sign on, networks services, business systems, data centre storage and hosting) therefore ALL IT systems and services are at risk and may be temporarily unavailable during this time.

This work is carefully orchestrated to take place in one day to minimise impact to the UCD Community and IT Services would like to thank you for your cooperation during this time. As a result of this work we can continue to provide a high level of availability to our customers in the knowledge that tests have been performed successfully and IT Services are prepared for unforeseen events.

Disaster Recovery day is part of our Scheduled Summer outages. For a full list click here.