IT Services offering live exam support

Tue, 5 May 20

Live Exam Support will be available during the scheduled examination period, 5 May - 22 May. This support is available for faculty who have a live exam occurring at the time, the link is available to faculty in Brightspace (announcement). 

Please note:

  • The support team will do their best to support you and endeavour to resolve issues that may arise but we may not be able to fix all problems.
  • All other Brightspace queries should be directed to in order that the live support channel can be prioritised for colleagues overseeing live exams.
  • Pre-Exam Brightspace checklists for Quizzes and Assignments have been created to assist faculty also.
  • There are currently issues with the latest version of Safari, it is advisable for everyone to use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox when using Brightspace.