Results of Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey published

Fri, 19 June 20

The Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey was a national survey of the digital engagement, experiences and expectations of students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. The survey took place from 14 October through 1 December 2019 and was coordinated by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

The INDEx Survey was designed for:

  • Students: all enrolled on taught programmes of study, both undergraduate and postgraduate (ages 18 and over)
  • Staff who teach: all staff who teach and all who support teaching and learning, e.g. lecturers, tutors, librarians, learning technologists, education developers, instructional designers, technicians, deans, middle and senior managers or administrators
  • 32 Irish higher education institutions are participating in the INDEx Survey – this includes all universities, all technological higher education institutions, and several private colleges

INDEx Student Survey Highlights

  • Respondents: 2538, representing an 11% response rate
  • The majority of students indicated they were taking part in a blended (24%) or on campus (73%) delivery mode
  • Digital Practices: 95% of respondents use a laptop computer, with 84% using a smartphone
  • All participants indicated that they utilised digital tools to assist with managing links or references, organising their study time, making notes, looking for additional resources or to access lecture notes or recordings

Digital Access at UCD

  • 75.6% of respondents indicated that they had access to reliable wifi at UCD, with 89.5% indicating they can access online course materials
  • Almost 80% of students who took part in the survey agreed that they are supported in the use of their own device
  • 40.5% of respondents agreed that UCD helps them to stay safe online
  • 47.8% of respondents agreed that the institution protects their data privacy, while 47.9% were neutral on this matter

Respondents were asked how they would rate the quality of the institution's digital provision (hardware, software and learning environment): 5% indicated “best imaginable”, with 39.2% choosing “excellent” and a further 43% selecting “good”.

Digital Skills and Support

  • 79% of students indicated that they rely on the VLE (Brightspace) to do their coursework, 63% of students regularly access Brightspace using a mobile device
  • 70% of respondents feel that digital skills will be important in their chosen career, with only 40% agreeing that their course will prepare them for the digital workplace
  • Over 70% of students rated the quality of digital teaching and learning on their course as good or better

Attitudes Towards Digital Technology

  • 46% of respondents indicated that more practice questions available online are most useful to them as a learner, with 20% expressing an interest in more course related videos.
  • Over 65% of students agreed that when digital technologies are used they understand things better and enjoy learning more. 80% of students felt the Digital technologies allowed them to be more independent in their learning.
  • 41% of students felt they would like to be allowed mobile phones in class to carry out classroom activities.
  • 55% of students would like digital technologies to be used on their course, the same as they are now, while 41% would like more use of digital technologies.
  • 70% of students expressed that they felt comfortable using digital technologies for course related activities.

Survey Results:

UCD INDEx Survey Qualitative Analysis

UCD INDEx Survey Quantitative Analysis

More information available on the National Teaching & Learning Forum website.