Nitro Sign digital signature tool for UCD staff

Mon, 8 March 21

Nitro Sign, an online digital signature tool is now available to UCD staff. Nitro Sign is a secure web-based application which enables you to send PDFs for signature to internal and external recipients, with no need for them to download special software.

The Nitro Sign signature process works by adding a layer of fields, such as for a signature or date, on top of the protected document for the recipient to complete; the finished document returns as a PDF now updated with the completed fields. Each document in Nitro Sign can be tracked using a built-in audit trail, and multiple signatories can be set up for a single document as an automated workflow. The sender can also issue reminders to the recipient to open or action the document.

For more information on how to request access and get started with Nitro Sign, visit our Digital Signature web page.