Ally for Brightspace now available

Mon, 22 March 21

UCD IT Services in partnership with UCD Access and Lifelong Learning have recently purchased Ally which has now been integrated into Brightspace.

Ally is a content accessibility tool that helps build a more inclusive learning environment and improve the student experience by helping students take clear control of course content with usability, accessibility and quality in mind.

Ally will assist with the University's objective of University for All and assist with the Universal Design principles for Teaching & Learning, providing the student population with alternative options to receive their learning materials.

Ally provides detailed insight and guidance to staff on best practice in relation to the accessibility of their content and guidelines on how best to improve on it.

As part of UCD's commitment to accessibility, we will be launching Ally within Brightspace from Monday 22 March 2021.

Students and staff will now have the facility to view their learning content in different formats. The alternative format options are accessed by clicking on the “Download alternative formats icon” beside the learning content. Some of the alternative formats include:

  • Semantic HTML
  • ePub
  • Audio
  • Electronic Braille

More information is available on the Ally webpage.