Acceptable Use Policy updated and new Device Protection Policy published

Fri, 11 June 21

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to protect its large and complex IT environment and the continuous review of IT policies and procedures, the Acceptable Use policy (AUP) has been updated and approved by the University Management team (UMT). The purpose of this Policy is to provide all those who use the University’s IT Resources with clear guidance on the acceptable, safe, respectful and legal way in which they can use the University’s IT Resources. 

Unacceptable use of University IT resources or IT accounts can have a significant impact on the availability, performance, and security of the University’s IT resources and information. Breaches of this policy can also have legal, financial, and reputational consequences for the University.

A new Device Protection Policy was also recently approved by UMT. The purpose of this policy is to safeguard Personal Data and Confidential University Information from being exposed to threats through the use of unprotected and unsecured devices.

It is a requirement of each individual user to ensure that both university owned and personally owned devices used to access University IT systems or access and store personal data or confidential University information comply with the minimum-security requirements as outlined within the policy document.