Daedalus data centre cooling system works

Fri, 3 September 21

In order to facilitate enabling works for the UCD Future Campus Project the power and cooling systems in the Daedalus Data Centre need to be replaced over the coming months. The external plant area for the Daedalus Data Centre needs to be removed and relocated to a different location.

Cooling system works

The scheduled cooling system replacement work will be broken down into four phases to minimise the risk of impact to service:

  • Phase 1: 19 July - 5 September, physical installation of 10 new indoor cooling units, new refrigerant pipework, electrical cabling, and electrical distribution board
  • Phase 2: 9 August - 5 September construction of a riser through the building, and new platform and louver screening on top of the building
  • Phase 3: 6 September - 29 October installation of plant equipment on the roof, and the commissioning of the new system (this includes full drain of the existing chilled water system)
  • Phase 4: 1 November - 12 November final decommissioning of the existing chilled water system (including removal of all the interior chilled water pipework -  facilitating the Campus for Future Learning building development)

During the phases of work there will be no anticipated disruption however an at risk to the Daedalus Data Centre will be in operation. The planned work does not require a shutdown or change to users hosting equipment, but it will put restrictions on physical access to the data centre and hosted equipment during the works.

Electrical Power system works

There will be a corresponding series of works required to relocate the Data Centre power systems. This work has yet to be scheduled.