Daedalus Data Centre Electrical Power system works

Tue, 12 April 22

The current energy centre for the Daedalus Data Centre, which is located in the Engineering Building service yard, needs to be relocated as part of the enabling works for the Future Campus Phase 1 project.

A full power outage is required to complete the move of the power connection feeding the Daedalus Data Centre as well as to move the backup generator. The power outage will take place from the evening of Thursday, 2 June until the morning of Tuesday, 7 June.

All equipment in the Daedalus Data Centre will be powered off on 2 June. All essential services (with the exception of Research equipment) will fail over to the Computer Centre Data Centre for the duration of the construction works. We do not expect any outages or performance impact during this time. However, as we will be operating from a single data centre, we want to highlight the reduced resiliency and associated risk to all services during this time.

We anticipate both power and services to be restored on the morning of 7 June with the return to normal operation for all critical/key services by close of business that day.