Accessing Novell Drives (e.g. H, L, M, S, P drives)

You can access your Novell Personal (H Drive) or Shared documents and folders (Drive M, P, S etc.) from any workstation, whether you are in UCD or not.

When in UCD, you can access your Novell drives using the Novell Client on Windows Desktops, or via a web browser by clicking on the My Files link under UCD Connect. Alternatively, you can go directly to the service by visiting

When off campus (e.g. working from home or while travelling), you can connect via My Files.


Novell Drive Quotas

Each staff member has a quota of 1GB on their personal (H) drive and a 5GB quota on their Shared Folders (M, S, P, etc.).

How to access the Novell shared directories or M, P, or S drives

For customers using Windows workstations on campus, we recommend using the Novell Client to access the network drives. The Novell Client is available via Software Downloads.

For customers who do not wish to install client software, you can still access the Novell drives via My Files (

Mactintosh Clients should also use My Files to access the Novell Drives.

For access to particular folders, contact the Helpdesk on ext. 2700