User File Guide FAQs

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Q: What data storage options are available in UCD?

A: IT Services has the following storage options for users which are supported by IT Services and signed off for use on the various levels i.e. Red, Amber Green:

    • Google Drive (AMBER & GREEN)
    • Novell Storage (RED, AMBER & GREEN)
    • Microsoft Office 365 (AMBER & GREEN)
    • Custom Storage (Dependent on Build)

Q: How much space does each option have?

A: This is a breakdown of the storage space available on each service:

    • Google Drive: Unlimited
    • Novell Storage 1GB personal space
    • Microsoft Office 365 1TB
    • Custom Storage 1TB but possible to increase size

Q: Is there a facility to share files?

A: Yes, it is possible to share files on a number of the supported services, for example Novell storage has a shared drive feature, Google Drive also allows the sharing of files and folders with others and, depending on configuration, Custom storage file sharing can be done. Please contact us for further information and guidance.

Q: Is the file storage secure?

A: All of the services supported by IT Services are classified to different levels of security and matched to the types of data that it should be used for, for example Novell storage is given the highest security level and so RED data may be stored using this platform, while Google drive has been given an AMBER security level meaning that while Google Drive is a very secure platform it is not recommend for RED or sensitive UCD data.

Q: Are files backed up?

A: This depends on the service used. For example, all the data on Novell Storage is backed up every night by IT Services and can be restored on request. However, data is only held for a 4 week period so restores on data older than 4 weeks may not be possible. Data on Google Drive is stored on high availability platforms; however, users are advised that restores are not offered by Google. Custom storage is not backed but the data is mirrored. In all cases users are advised to contact us to discuss this further if there are concerns.