Capture Booth - Daedalus IT Centre

The facility is located in a small quiet space in Daedalus. It is suitable for 1 person (2 persons may use
it ensuring that all COVID procedures are followed as it will only allow for 1 metre social distancing)

The facility contains:
1 PC (will need to be switched on)
2 Logitech HD Camera
3 Rode Microphone
4 Wacom Digital Tablet
5 Wolfvision Visualiser (will need to be switched on if you are using it)

Capture booth

The Capture Booth can be used to record content using Bb Collaborate Ultra or Zoom.

The Wolfvision visualiser is a High Definition document camera which can zoom in and out. This can be used as a standalone solution. Details of the Wolfvision Series 8 camera can be seen at Wolfvision Visualizer Overview. You can connect your own iPad or Android device via wireless to do a range of interactive recordings, see VSolution Connect Overview.

The booth could also be used if you wished to record other materials and have the appropriate software on your laptop to do so.

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When the PC is switched on, the software listed below can be seen on the left hand side of the


Recording Audio:

On the PC is a program called Audacity. Start recording, save the file and take it away via USB
storage drive or upload to your online storage.

Video guide to recording audio in the capture booth


Recording Audio over Powerpoint:

Open your Powerpoint presentation and use Insert, Audio, Record Audio. Save your presentation
and take it away via USB storage drive or upload to your online storage.


Recording Video:

The Logitech camera comes with its own software. Start recording, the file will be saved and you can
take it away via USB storage drive or upload to your online storage.

Video guide to recording video in the capture booth


Recording Audio, Video, Documents (online and hardcopy), Programs and annotations:

Start Chrome and log into your Brightspace account.

In your module use the Virtual Classroom to record your material.

Use the camera and microphone and Share Files to record your talk using documents you have

You can also use Share Camera to capture the output from the Wolfvision Visualiser.

You can use Share Whiteboard and/or Share Files and annotate them using the Wacom digitiser

You can capture other browser tabs and applications using Share Application/Screen.

Once you are finished stop recording. The recording will become available and the link can be shared
with students and/or embedded in your module.


Video guide to recording audio, video, documents, programs and annotations in the capture booth


Can I borrow some of the hardware items in the room to do recordings elsewhere?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to take any items from the Capture Booth.


How do I get access to the booth on the day I have booked it?

Please ask a staff member in the Daedalus IT Centre to give you access to the booth at your time of booking.


What do I do when I have finished using the booth?

When you have finished, please power off all units. Please power down the PC by clicking the Windows logo and then choose Shut down. Use the Remote to turn off the camera and the switch on the Mixer box.