Video Advice & Production

The Media Services team provides a wide range of flexible services and advice. Our production facilities are studio based. We also do location shoots where suitable. Our video content is suitable for incorporation into our other multimedia products such as, blogs, Storyline, multimedia CD-ROMs/DVD's and content development for online teaching.

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Media Services:

Tel: +353 (0)1 716 2031

Main features of this service include

  • Studio & location based shoots
  • Story boarding & script writing advice
  • Auto cue facilities
  • Audio & video technical support
  • Project based video production training
  • Conversion: audio and video conversion for archiving

How long will my project take?

The time taken to produce your project depends on the type, scale and complexity of your project. Media Services will discuss all these issues with you to help you plan your project timeline.

What should I consider when planning my project?

  • When do you want the project completed by? The time of year will be a factor. Summertime will not be a good time shoot video footage of a busy campus.
  • Consider availability of other staff and students that may be involved in your project.
  • What will the final format of the project be? This will influence how the project is to be produced.
  • Will you need to store or archive the project, consider storage or server space when planning your project.
  • Do you own images or other recources to be used in your project? Consider copyright  issues.
  • Consider the availability of space/buildings to shoot video. Weather, light and noise may also be a factor if you plan a location shoot.

"Impairment Testing. Video Teaching Aides" DVD

Impairment test image

We worked with Dr. Andrew Wilkinson, School of Medicine and Medical Science, to produce the "Impairment Testing. Video Teaching Aides" DVD. Media Services directed and recorded videos of demonstration of impairment tests being implemented by a member of An Garda Síochána. The DVD is a teaching aide for new Garda Recruits.