The Grade Center is made up of rows and columns of student information and gradable items.
Cells in the grid contain data specific to corresponding students. All cells and column headings
contain menus for various actions.

The Grade Center page contains the following areas, which display from the top of the page
downward and from left to right:

    • Action Bar – Row containing a set of tools with their respective options.
    • Grade Center– Columns, rows, and cells that make up the current view of the Grade Center data.
    • Grade Information Bar – Row of information about a selected Column.
    • Icon Legend – Information on the meaning of icons that appear in spreadsheet cells.


Blackboard Gradebook v Grade Center

Task Steps

In Gradebook Steps

In New Grade Center

Add a Column

Click Add Item on the Action Bar

Click Add Grade Column on the Action Bar.

Print the Grade Center

  1. Click Download Grades from the Action bar.
  2. Download the report and open in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Format the data and print

Spreadsheet view:

  1. Open the Manage contextual menu from the Action Bar.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Download the report and open it in Excel.
Format the data and print.

Report Card view:

  1. Click Reports from the Action Bar.
  2. Create a report and view it.
Select Print

Enter a Grade

  1. Click cell in the spreadsheet. The Modify Grade page appears.
  2. Enter the Grade.

Enter a grade in the cell and press ENTER. The next cell becomes active.

NOTE: You can enter a grade while the previous cell is being saved.

Change a Grade

  1. Click cell in the spreadsheet. The Modify Grade page appears.
  2. Enter new grade in the Grade field and click Submit.
  1. Click the Grade in the spreadsheet.
  2. Enter new Grade.
  3. Press ENTER.

Delete a Grade

  1. Click cell in the spreadsheet. The Modify Grade page appears.
  2. Click Clear Attempt.
  1. Click the grade in the spreadsheet.
  3. Press ENTER.

Weight Grades

  1. Click Weight Grades on the action bar.
  2. Use Weight by Category or Weight by Item.
  3. Enter percentages for all categories or for all items


  1. Open the Add Calculated Column contextual menu on the Action Bar.
  2. Select Weighted Column.
  3. Select all the columns and categories and click the arrow to add all columns to the Selected Columns area.
  4. Enter a percentage for each. This calculates the total grade using the weights set here.


You can create Weighted Columns that only calculate the weight for a set of columns or categories. These Weighted Columns can then be used to calculate another Weighted Column or Total Column to get the final grade.